Saturday, September 19, 2009

The first post

I decided to start a new blog! I had been lacking on my surrogacy blog, mainly because I have been too busy with my family and new baby, but I enjoy blogging so thought I should start a "family" blog!

A little background on us --

Luke and I met at summer marching band rehearsal. He was an incoming freshman and I was an awesome sophomore. We became friends and on Dec 25, 1995 our lives became intertwined. We dated the rest of high school and through college. We got married Jan 20, 2001 and our family grew with the birth of our son Mike who is now 8. We knew we wanted another baby, so started trying right away, however unfortunately we diagnosed with unexplained secondary infertility, which basically meant nothing was wrong with us, but we weren't conceiving. We spent a year doing fertility treatments and our daughter Isabella was born, she just turned 4. Ten days after her birth, I had a PPH, postpartum hemorrhage and required emergency partial hysterectomy. We knew we wanted to continue our family and turned to surrogacy. Our Gestational surrogate (meaning it was MY egg and Luke's sperm as this still confuses people) delivered our second beautiful daughter Ava on March 9, 2009.

And this is our life, we are devoted to each other, dedicated to raising our kids and enjoying our lives.................

our family Spring 2009

Ava's birth

to read all about our surrogacy journey go here

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